Our technology not only enables the production of round components . It also allows for the manufacture of shaped tubes and other cross-sections.

The thermal and chemical resistance of the material is defined by the selection of the right resin formulation . For special applications however we fall back on the use of Vinylester or cyanate ester formulations.

By using carbon fibres, the properties of the pipes can be greatly improved compared to steel pipes.


  • lower weight

  • lower mass-inertia

  • high stiffness

  • very good vibration damping

  • very low heat expansion

  • corrosion resistant


Our CNC winding machines can produce parts up to 1500 mm in diameter and 14 m in length . The choice of reinforcement material, fibre and layer build-up determines the properties of the component in the manufacturing process.

We use common fibre types for the reinforcement material , such as carbon fibres, glass-fibres, aramid and basalt fibres.

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