CFRP Rollers from FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH

The demands from the industry at high-quality rollers are constantly increasing. Machines should create a higher speed. The web width getting wider. The production of industrial products is almost impossible with ordinary rollers made of steel or aluminium. Here, the CFRP rollers from FWT can meet the high requirements of the industry. The carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) creates many advantages compared to classic rolls. On the one hand, CFRP rollers are lighter than rollers made of metal and have a higher stiffness.

As specialist in this field, we offer our customers a wide range of products. This includes composite rollers, tubes, drive shafts, special components, roll coating as well as roll service. In addition to our long-time experience as manufacturer of CFRP rolls, we are committed to consulting and customer requirement.

Advantages of CFRP rollers

low weight
low mass inertia
high rigidity
very good vibration damping
very low thermal expansion
not susceptible to corrosion

Areas of application for CFRP rollers

Applications for the paper industry

FWT is one of the world leading manufacturers of CFRP rolls for paper machines.

Application positions: paper guide rollers, guide rollers for screens or felts, rollers for the dryer section, shaken breast rollers and calendar guide rollers.

In the paper machine, the focus is always on increasing productivity and product quality with maximum machine availability. This can be achieved on the one hand by faster systems, but also by reducing vibrations, both are guaranteed by our products.


Applications for non-woven materials

Probably the widest spectrum of machines we supply with our products is for the non-woven industry.

Fabric for clothing and fashion articles, material for sanitary articles, flooring, automotive interior lining and material used for road construction are all manufactured under the name “non-woven.”

This wide field of application infers a wide range of different requirements and demands on our rollers such as smooth running, low bending, a small moment of inertia and maximum stability.

Applications for the film industry

Here the range of application spans from packaging material to high-tech foils.
Carbon fiber rollers are used in all extrusion machines for printing on foils and films or for further processing.

Especially thin foils of a few micrometers thickness are extremely sensitive. Therefore, it is necessary to combine smooth running properties with high stiffness. Our customers can profit from our long-term experience in this field of application.


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