We offer a wide range of coatings, suitable for various requirements of the industry. Our customers are leaders in their field of industry and rely on our long-time experience.

Rubber Covering


High production depth, maximum flexibility and consideration of customer needs have been the secret of our success since the beginning. Therefore, we decided to pursue this strategy and invested in our own rubber coating plant in 2012.

The selection of the type of rubber is made together with the customer in close cooperation. We offer our extensive experience with various applications in the roller industry.

Dependent on your application, we are able to work with EPDM, CR , CSM, NBR, etc. in the hardness range of 40-95 Shore A as well as with hard rubber for the hardness range of 0-1 P&J.


Capacities of our rubber covering production:

  • diameter up to 1000 mm

  • length up to 12 m

  • total weight: 20 t

The rolls are ground on our CNC machines. It is possible to achieve concave or convex face surfaces.

We are also able to include various profiles and groove shapes in the coating.

We also rubberize steel or aluminum rollers.



FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH started developing composite coatings several years ago. The range of coatings available has expanded over time due to the various types of applications we work on and composite coatings have thus grown to become one of our core competences.

Today we offer customers our CompoBase, CompoLite, CompoChem, CompoNite, CompoSlide und CompoSmooth coatings for the following fields of application:

  • high abrasion resistance

  • suitable for doctor blades

  • suitable for different kinds of grooves

  • electrically conducting surfaces

  • non-conducting surfaces

  • friction reducing characteristics

  • polished surfaces

  • special chemical resistance


Composite coatings have a surface hardness between 85 and 89 Shore D. Our coatings can replace many hard rubber coatings with the additional advantage of local repair being possible.

With the 2017 developed non-stick coating “CompoClean-L”, FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH has won the Innovation Award of the State of Lower Austria in the category “Best Innovation from Large and Medium-Sized Companies”.

Plasma Coatings


In order to expand the product portfolio of our company, FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH, we decided in 2020 to invest in the construction of a coating plant for metallic and ceramic spray coatings.
The coating is applied with an electric arc or a plasma System. The maximum length of the rollers / tubes to be coated is 6m.


Advantages of these type of coatings:

  • very high abrasion resistance with low coating weight

  • adjustable surface roughness

  • electrically conductive, insulating and non-stick

  • possibility of subsequent mechanical processing


This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund
Further information for IWB/EFRE you can find under 

High-Polish Coatings


This type of composite coating is designed especially for the film and foil industry where polished surfaces with an extremely low surface roughness as well as nonporous coatings are required. At FWT Composites & Rolls GmbH, we are proud to be able to supply industries with such high standards by providing reliable processes for our coatings.

Typical characteristics:

  • surface roughness up to Rz 1µm

  • low abrasion resistance

  • non-conducting

  • repairable




This new type of coating has been specially developed for use on heavily soiled surfaces. The advantage compared to Teflon is, that the hardening process can be carried out without high temperatures.


Advantages of this coating:

  • resistant to acids and bases

  • liquid-repellent

  • high non-stick effect

  • extremely low cleaning effort

  • conductivity possible

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